Hear what others have to say about IOJ

"An amazing trip- we felt so well taken care of and were ushered into a new world"  JM- Arizona

"We have been on several tours but this was the best! by far. Thank you for a wonderful adventure" KL and JB- California

"Not sure if it was the new friends, the food, the fun, the belly laughs or the place- all I know is I loved this trip"  LN- New York

"Every aspect of the trip was perfect, we loved it all. Really, totally and completely perfect.  I wanted you to know how very much we appreciated all the thought, care, energy and devotion that you put into every aspect of the tour."  JS

I appreciated how free spirited yet organized you were with us. You were such fun to enjoy the city with, and so helpful to us all in our own way. - CC- Chicago

Just wanted to tell you that I thought the trip was fabulous!!- RP-California

Your approach was balanced, educational, fun, and energetic (but not too much)!  I cannot think of anything in the way of improvement!!!  What you showed us was exceptionally wonderful.  - MD