About us

If a call to travel beyond home and family has taken you here, your adventure has already begun. InsightOut Journeys offers you not only a trip but also an experience.

We are friends who have lived abroad, and we design travel journeys we want you to remember for a lifetime: exciting itineraries with varied experiences, sights, and smells, yet with time for private reflection while on the road.

We plan programs around a theme, each with a well-known leader to explain and enthrall. We stay at least two or three days in each place so you can experience it at a pilgrim’s pace.

And we take care of all the details: lodging, memorable meals, guides, and access to the most fascinating places at the best times. To be certain, we test run every journey in advance.

Our directors are a former San Francisco travel agency owner who has created original journeys since the 70s; an international film-shoot specialist who knows how to hire an elephant, book a stadium or empty a neighborhood; and a systems expert with a finely tuned intuition for finding fun and spiritual meaning off familiar paths.

We are based in Portland, Oregon, with a staff in France equipped with mobile technology and a long list of contacts. We travel the old way, meeting people and exploring places up close. But we’re never beyond cyberspace, allowing you the best of both worlds: Insight Out.